About Jack Daniel's Barbeque

Every day we make it, we'll make it the best we can

For Mr. Jack, that meant using only the finest ingredients and devoting extra care and attention to the Whiskey making process. At Completely Fresh Foods, we feel that same way about our quality meat products. So it is a natural fit to bring the traditional values of these two American companies together to develop a line of delicious ready to eat products.

  • Small batches
  • Finest quality spices
  • BBQ Sauce Kettle Cooked with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey
  • Made with No Preservatives
  • Oven Roasted to Perfection

Quality and craftsmanship since 1866

The unique mellow taste of Jack Daniel’s has long been recognized for adding a special touch to marinades and sauces. Now you can enjoy this distinctive flavor in a variety of Jack Daniel’s meats which can be ready to serve in minutes.

Lynchburg, Tennessee

For over 30 years, Jack Daniel’s and its home of Lynchburg, Tennessee have been honored to host the Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational Barbeque Contest. The modern BBQ contest started in 1989, when owing to Old No. 7’s place in BBQ culture, Lynchburg played host to the first annual Jack Daniel’s competition. For one weekend every year, the smallest town in whiskey becomes the biggest scene in barbecue. More than 40,000 visitors descend on Lynchburg for one of the most prestigious competitions in all of BBQ. The BBQ traditions go farther back than the World Championship, Ya see back in the 1800’s, down in Lynchburg Tennessee, ol’ Mr. Jack Daniel was known far and wide for his annual summer BBQs, held at his farm next door to the distillery. Of course, the secret ingredient back then was Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey. Today, at Completely Fresh Foods, we’re continuing that fine tradition with our lines of authentic Jack Daniel’s BBQ Pork, Chicken and Beef.